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Original Gummi FunMix®

Original Gummi FunMix® is a “party in a bag” with a mix of more than 50 unique shapes, sizes, and flavors across 4 exciting varieties! Gummi Party® has it all, with up to 18 varieties of gummi bears, worms, sharks, cherries, and fruit & cream-swirled gummies. Sour Party® offers an endless assortment of deliciously sour flavors with fun shapes like filled ropes, rainbow belts, and fruit rings. Rounding out the lineup are Swirl’z Party® and Tropical Fish Party®. Check out the mouthwatering, creamy fruit Swirl’z and exotic, dazzling Fish in a store near you. Mix it Up, Mash it Up, Live it Up® with Original Gummi FunMix®!