Our Commitments

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Quality and Farm to Fruit Snacks

Our mission is to delight consumers with every interaction. This means quality is key to everything we do.  We source ingredients from across the USA and around the world to ensure we can reliably and consistently deliver great-tasting products. Family-owned farms growing fruits, nuts, dairy, corn, wheat, sugar cane, beets, and other key crops are integral to our manufacturing facilities and form the ingredients backbone of many of our products.

Our manufacturing facilities and research and development labs are truly State-of-the-Art and achieve excellent ratings from all relevant auditing organizations, including SQF Level 3, QAI, USDA (for organic certification), NSF, FDA 111, BRC, and many others.

We use this focus on quality to develop new and exciting products and to continue raising the quality standards on our current array of delicious products.


We understand that now, more than ever, people want easy and open access to information about brands, ingredients, how products are made and marketed, and much more.  To address this:

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We include calorie and other nutritional information on the front labels across most of our portfolio and are adding to all packaging by 2020.

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We offer a variety of package sizes with different calorie options for portion control.  We have many packs with under 100 calories and several under 200 calories.

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We have moved to naturally sourced colors and natural flavors across many of our products and are working to transition to them on others.

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We are a proud partner of the Children’s Confectionary Advertising Initiative (CCAI), making a pledge not to advertise on/in any media targeting children under age 13.

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We pledge to respond quickly and openly to questions about our products.

Sustainability Practices

At PIM we believe in being good corporate citizens and strive for continuous improvement in our sustainability practices. We are proud of our many accomplishments and continue to evaluate new opportunities to be as environmentally friendly as possible across our manufacturing and distribution facilities, corporate headquarters, and other office sites domestically and abroad.

  • For the past 8 years, we have reduced water use by more than 10 million gallons per year.
  • We recycle all cardboard used in our manufacturing facilities to the amount of 873 tons per year.
  • We use energy-efficient LED lights throughout our facilities up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting.
  • We’ve implemented new technology on the packaging lines in our global manufacturing facilities to drive savings of almost 25 metric tons of plastic per year.
  • Invested over $5 million to eliminate 50% of cardboard and non-recyclable plastic containers used for manufacturing in 2023, switching to 100% reusable containers by 2025.
  • Farm to Fruit Snacks: In partnership with our suppliers, we practice sustainable sourcing and can trace 100% of the fruit in our Fruit Snacks back to the original farm source of origin.
  • Since 2019, we’ve transitioned all new Fruit Snacks products to naturally sourced flavors and colors.
  • We are committed to saving and repurposing nearly 300 metric tons of moulding starch annually.