Company Background

Founded in 1979 as Promotion In Motion, Inc. and renamed in 2021 as PIM Brands, Inc. PIM is one of America’s leading makers of popular brand name snacks and confections and one of the 50 largest global candy companies. Millions of times each day, people of all ages, across the world, enjoy our brands at home, at work, at school, and on-the-go. We are passionate about delivering delicious and innovative snacks and treats developed with the highest quality ingredients and standards, offered whenever and wherever consumers want them.

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Business Philosophy

Our company was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit to identify unique opportunities and move fast to bring them to market.  That mantra still exists today.  While our business has achieved double-digit growth every year, we maintain our entrepreneurial roots and a relentless commitment to delighting consumers.

Some of our key principles:

Put Consumers First icon

Put Consumers First

Understand consumers and address their needs and desires.

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We strive to be available to consumers, listen and respond to their feedback, and ensure our brands are available where consumers want to find them.

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Be open and honest about our products, ingredients, how we make them and label them.

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We do not advertise on any media outlets aimed at children under age 13 and have signed an industry commitment to abide by this standard.

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We partner with local and national organizations on strategic initiatives to help our communities thrive.

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Fun and Goodness

At the end of the day, we make snacks and treats that bring joy and goodness to peoples’ lives.